Watch “The Legendary Leaning Tower of Pizza” on YouTube

This one is in Mansfield Ohio and it is a pizza and sub joint. Their subs are like no other in the world! I’ve got to say is I’ve traveled all over the United States and abroad I have always searched out of place that is kind of like this one only to be disappointed. There truly is no other, Leaning Tower of Pizza!

Truly is a great way to enjoy that RV life as you’re strolling through Mansfield Ohio. This is well worth the stop halfway between Columbus and Cleveland on Interstate 71. Make sure you call ahead as you need to give them about 30 to make your order. To get their number I just told Google to call Leaning Tower Pizza in Mansfield Ohio I’m sure Siri will work the same way for you if you’re one of those iPhone people.

This place is one of my top 10 restaurants of all time! I just love it that they make their bread for these Subs fresh in house.

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