Watch “Welcome to Quartzsite BLM” on YouTube

Welcome to Quartzsite BLM land. What a great way to boondocking your way through the RV life. You’re allowed to stay up to 14 nights totally free, then you merely need to move 25 miles to stay another 14 nights somewhere else on BLM land. Afterward you could return to this location and just keep doing a circle all winter long that’s what you want to do. There are thousands of Acres of free BLM land out here to Boondock upon.

Personally I chose to camp on the ltva which is a long-term visitors area. Main benefit to the ltva is unlimited access to water for filling the RV, unlimited access to dump stations and trash removal. The fee for the ltva area is merely $180 for the entire winter season of 7 months which they consider September 15th through April 15th. More on the ltva later. I also plan to do another video later showing a ride through Quartzsite the town.

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