Boondocking in Central Georgia

This is a great campsite for boondocking in Central Georgia. I found this impromptu campsite on

When pulling into a new location always try your best to level your rig both side to side and front to back. A level plain is best for getting a good night’s sleep. When I was sitting inside at the dinette last night, I felt the rig was slightly off level therefore I had to switch my bedding around so that my feet would be facing downhill. This allowed for a great boondocking experience.

Watch “Good Morning from Fore Lake” on YouTube

Good morning from Fore Lake Campground in the Ocala National Forest. I’m posting this video on the same day that I made it which is the last one I’ll be doing like that for security reasons. In the future videos will be posted after I’ve left the location where they were shot.

Kinda in a hurry to get to Ohio to get some work on freedom done while the weather is nice. I’m looking forward to all the journeys to come so please join me on our adventures.

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Watch “Fore Lake Campground Tour” on YouTube

Located in the Silver Springs area of the Ocala National Forest. This is a campground where you can truly use frugally as the campground fees are very reasonable. Service-connected veterans can use these campgrounds for half of the normal fees. I got this site for just $6 per night, that’s a steel, thank goodness.

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Join me as I travel the country living frugally as possible. Boondocking wherever we can along the way as free is always best!

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