Watch “Veterans Day 2019” on YouTube

In recognition of Veterans Day, I have made this video to remember all of our veterans whom the United States Veterans Administration has forgotten. Please watch the video to the end. If you are compelled to take action, please Google your local chapter of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV, for short) and donate to them so they can continue the good fight for all American veterans whom need their VA benefits. Thank you!

Watch “Victory RENO VLOG Episode 1” on YouTube

As we do the renovations on Victory I will make Vlog entries which I’ve decided to labeled as episodes. It’ll help you, the viewer, find the specific episodes which interests you most. Along the way I may venture from time to time from the Victory renovation vlog to speak of other topics of Interest. Therefore if the renovation Vlog is really your top interest then you should be able to easily find all the episodes as I create an archive.

Since I mentioned the Mohican State Forest, check out the video link here to the previous video I Shot specifically about the Mohican State Forest

Watch “RV Living Victory Reveal” on YouTube

Freedom has been a very good RV for me. She took me from Florida to Ohio last year then out to Arizona and back to Ohio before she started giving me issues this summer. Freedom has two fuel pumps in it, one in the tank and the other in line. I replaced both of those fuel pumps as well as a fuel filter and gave her a tune-up kit as well.

I’m just wondering if I didn’t get some bad gas? Because she’ll start but not stay running. Or we could have got the firing order wrong when we put the spark plug wires on. Either way, she’s going into the shop to become mechanically A1!

So, does that leave me without a place to live? Take a look at the video to find out!

Watch “What is Asafoetida? Rig Update too” on YouTube

I’m seeking inspiration for future recipes by reading some periodicals. The vegan cookbook is one that I have downloaded lately from Amazon. Repeatedly, I see that they use asafoetida in their recipes. What is that? Take a look at the video to find out!

I also talked about potentially buying a better RV. I would love your thoughts on that, take a look at the video to see my thoughts. Thank you.