Watch “Cannot Get Moving Today” on YouTube

Today, unfortunately is a day where I cannot move freely. I had lots of plans for today but those are obviously on hold until I can move again. This happens to me often, resulting in being down 75% of the time. Obviously, I shoot most of my videos during the 25% of the time I am feeling halfway decent.

Please consider supporting and sharing the GoFundMe campaign below, thank you.

Watch “Van Build Continues” on YouTube

I have great news everybody! The van build continues! I received a phone call from the head Carpenter from the enigmatic nomadics van build party 2018. He was apologetic that I fell through the cracks and wants to donate his labor help me. As if that was not enough, there is another gentleman whom has been repairing RV professionally for lots of years, that wants to help me as well. I am very grateful. Take a look at the video.


Watch “Vegan Appetizer” on YouTube

I love making flavorful healthy foods. This is the first of many videos to come, enjoy!

Obviou, sly you can also use this garbanzo salad to make a simple sandwich or on a salad of tossed greens.

Amazon Link for the Salt and Pepper Mill used in this video

Watch “Leaving the Van Build Party” on YouTube

I am leaving the van build party without my back wall being repaired as planned. There’s a silver lining to the cloud though, as I made new friends, yay!

I need to get the furnace repaired and there happens to be a RV repairman available in Quartzsite, so join me for the journey as we see great scenery leaving here.


Heartbreaking by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



Watch “Cook-off with Mike of Living Free” on YouTube

You know how they say every storm cloud has a silver lining? Well, remember the other day when I lost my drone right after taking it out of box for the first time?

Seriously!, it took off when I was trying to calibrate it for the first flight, crazy huh?

Anyway, I went looking for it in the trajectory of where it may have landed and met these wonderful people with whom I am now hanging out. Take a look at the video.