Watch “I Am Grateful to The VA” on YouTube

In my own special way of course! In this video I talk about my experiences at the VA with primary care. All veterans deserve impeccable treatment as we would not have a nation if it were not for them! Never forget there are hundreds of thousands of veterans who are in worse condition than me. My heart goes out to all of my brothers and sisters.

Watch “LED Lights Installation” on YouTube

To save energy on our deep cycle battery while boondocking our way through the RV life, I am installing LED lighting throughout Freedom’s interior.

Here is the Amazon link to the Porter-Cable tool kit I just bought

Link to small round dimmable LED Lights

Link to larger LED lights used down the middle of Freedom’s ceiling

By clicking the Amazon link above we make a very small percentage and it cost you absolutely nothing.

Perhaps you need other items from Amazon, please use any link above, then enter your desired item in the search box to do your shopping. All items you purchase during this shopping session will yield a small commission to help support Freedom Fred. Thank you 🇺🇸

Watch “The Legendary Leaning Tower of Pizza” on YouTube

This one is in Mansfield Ohio and it is a pizza and sub joint. Their subs are like no other in the world! I’ve got to say is I’ve traveled all over the United States and abroad I have always searched out of place that is kind of like this one only to be disappointed. There truly is no other, Leaning Tower of Pizza!

Truly is a great way to enjoy that RV life as you’re strolling through Mansfield Ohio. This is well worth the stop halfway between Columbus and Cleveland on Interstate 71. Make sure you call ahead as you need to give them about 30 to make your order. To get their number I just told Google to call Leaning Tower Pizza in Mansfield Ohio I’m sure Siri will work the same way for you if you’re one of those iPhone people.

This place is one of my top 10 restaurants of all time! I just love it that they make their bread for these Subs fresh in house.

Watch “Freedom Update” on YouTube

Tomorrow I will put freedom in the shop to begin repairs on the transmission. Wish me luck, I sure hope it’s not a ton of money to get back on the road.

When boondocking your way through the RV life breakdowns are to be expected once in awhile, especially if you’re driving and older RV.

I decided to stir up the VFW and American Legion because neither have assisted me although I’ve requested assistance from both of them several times in Florida. The VFW has called me back while the American Legion has not. Ironically, I’m a member of the American Legion and not the VFW currently. Perhaps I should change that! What do you think? Leave your comments below, Thank you.

Watch “Wayne National Forest Boondocking Enjoying the RV Life” on YouTube

Boondocking while enjoying the RV life in the Wayne National Forest in Southeast Ohio. Thanks to the website and the forums area for the intel on this place.

The ranger station was very helpful in finding great dispersed camping AKA free camping locations. You can stay up to 14 nights at a time totally free of charge.

While this is one of the most beautiful areas of Ohio, sadly you can’t drink the water due to fracking messing up the water supply. So make sure you bring him plenty of your own water. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying the beauty of this area of Ohio.

Watch “Enjoying the RV life while boondocking in Ohio” on YouTube

Tucked away in Southeast Ohio is the AEP Recreation lands, newly-named the Jesse Owens State Park.

At the current time it is free to Camp, here is how you get a free permit

You can camp here up to 21 days free of charge. Permit that I obtained from a bait shop says that it is a lifetime free permit. Every 21 days you simply have to move to another one of their several campgrounds, therefore you could simply Boondock here for quite a long time. This is a great way to enjoy the RV life.

Watch “Mountain Break-Down” on YouTube

While driving through West Virginia on Interstate 64 and traversing Sandstone Mountain, Freedom decides to break down four-fifths the way up the mountain.

Not a great way to enjoy the RV life while boondocking along the way but sometimes you have to make lemonade out of lemons. Here is how I did it. Enjoy the video…

Watch “Be All You Can Be VA” on YouTube

Thoughts on a recent conversation with a fresh veteran of our US military.

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