Balloonfest 2018

This is a 28th Annual Balloon Fest in Ashland Ohio. This is a free event and plenty of free curbside parking is available for vandwellers. However overnight parking is not allowed but there are plenty of Walmarts nearby.

Morning RV Life Routine – VA – Coffee

While boondocking and enjoying the RV life in the Tampa Bay area in April of 2018 this little VA rant just came out organically.

This is how I spend most mornings when I first wake up. I love my outdoor kitchen. What do you think of this setup?

Free Camping Tampa Florida area

This is a great boondocking location to enjoy the RV life.

Reservation only, they are free, but you must reserve on the website www.Watermatters.Org/Recreation. There are several preserves to choose from and you are allowed to stay 7 days per location and the Southwest Florida water management system which actually stretches from Punta Gorda Florida to about 60 miles north of Tampa.

Watch “Hoover Reservoir Ohio” on YouTube

The Hoover Reservoir in Columbus Ohio is a beautiful place for day-use boondocking to enjoy the RV life. While overnight parking is not permitted there are areas nearby where you can Boondock overnight.

Boating, swimming, fishing, jogging, biking, rollerblading, skateboarding and a championship disc golf course are a few of the activities which can be enjoyed from this location.

Met Nomadic Fanatic

Last night while boondocking at Walmart near the Kentucky and Tennessee Border I met Eric whom is known as the nomadic fanatic as you may know.

What a great experience. Watching his videos over the past couple of years as well as videos of some other folks inspired me to live full-time enjoying the RV life, boondocking all over the United States.

Here is Eric’s channel: