Watch “Vegan Appetizer” on YouTube

I love making flavorful healthy foods. This is the first of many videos to come, enjoy!

Obviou, sly you can also use this garbanzo salad to make a simple sandwich or on a salad of tossed greens.

Amazon Link for the Salt and Pepper Mill used in this video

Watch “Leaving the Van Build Party” on YouTube

I am leaving the van build party without my back wall being repaired as planned. There’s a silver lining to the cloud though, as I made new friends, yay!

I need to get the furnace repaired and there happens to be a RV repairman available in Quartzsite, so join me for the journey as we see great scenery leaving here.


Heartbreaking by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



Watch “Cook-off with Mike of Living Free” on YouTube

You know how they say every storm cloud has a silver lining? Well, remember the other day when I lost my drone right after taking it out of box for the first time?

Seriously!, it took off when I was trying to calibrate it for the first flight, crazy huh?

Anyway, I went looking for it in the trajectory of where it may have landed and met these wonderful people with whom I am now hanging out. Take a look at the video.

Watch “Van Build Still No Go” on YouTube

One of Jamie’s volunteers came over here and took one look of the simple task I need done and said sorry, can’t help you. I know they do good things for people here, so I don’t want to detract from the spirit of the van build, however I feel it was a waste of time and energy for me. Hopefully I’ll meet some new friends now.