Watch “RV Life in the Branson Area” on YouTube

Again we are in the Mark Twain National Forest on the western end of Missouri this time. This is a beautiful Campground and boondocking is not available in this Campground. It is relatively inexpensive though. I highly recommend this Campground, take a look at the video.

Enjoying boondocking at one of my favorite spots, Walmart. I’ve heard a lot of people saying Walmart boondocking is becoming unavailable Coast to Coast. This is not my experience, as I’ve traveled across much of the USA, Walmart of all places has been the Oasis in the desert for me. Thank you to Walmart.

Watch “5th Freedom Update” on YouTube

Striving to enjoy the RV life as well boondocking our way across our great nation. Freedom acts up about every hundred miles and just doesn’t want to go any further until she cools off. It’s been turning into the theme of our adventures and I’m kind of liking it. There is a video tour that will be posted soon from this location after I have left this location. Stay tuned!

Watch “Gunshots during Solar Unboxing” on YouTube

Enjoying the RV life while boondocking in the Mark Twain National Forest just south of St Louis Missouri.

I recharged my e-bike, cell phone and tablet as needed while boondocking for a week. I also ran my fridge from the solar intermittently, it would be best if I could run a 24/7, but I need major updates for that. Thanks for watching a video.

Watch “Tour Wilbur Wright Birthplace and Museum” on YouTube

I had no idea that Wilbur Wright was actually born in Indiana. I was always taught about the Wright brothers and Dayton Ohio and Kitty Hawk and so forth but never knew about the Indiana connection until now.

Enjoying the RV life driving across Interstate 70 and took this little detour just into Indiana. Enjoy the tour!