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Welcome to Quartzsite BLM land. What a great way to boondocking your way through the RV life. You’re allowed to stay up to 14 nights totally free, then you merely need to move 25 miles to stay another 14 nights somewhere else on BLM land. Afterward you could return to this location and just keep doing a circle all winter long that’s what you want to do. There are thousands of Acres of free BLM land out here to Boondock upon.

Personally I chose to camp on the ltva which is a long-term visitors area. Main benefit to the ltva is unlimited access to water for filling the RV, unlimited access to dump stations and trash removal. The fee for the ltva area is merely $180 for the entire winter season of 7 months which they consider September 15th through April 15th. More on the ltva later. I also plan to do another video later showing a ride through Quartzsite the town.

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This was an awesome layover spot for me as I made my journey from Ohio to Arizona. Located conveniently off of Interstate 40. I found this site on and there is a 4-day stay limit, all completely free. Seriously, I’m still pinching myself! What a way to enjoy the RV life. When the campsites were full at night I did see a few vans spending the night to the adjacent area. It seems a little overflow around here is okay. Take a look at the video.

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I found this on

This is a real small strip of BLM land in the Tucson area. While it was convenient for me for a one night stay I would stay there any longer than one night as there is a lot better BLM just west of here.

The generator noise would have bothered me if I could have kept my windows open during the night, which is how I prefer it. It was too cold here at night to keep my windows open. I was there in a second week of October 2018.

I did have a great Cellular Connection on Verizon.

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Leaving our boondocking spot on BLM land near Buckeye Arizona for a destination in Quartzsite Arizona on BLM land there as well. There is long-term BLM land in Quartzsite which is available for an additional fee it’s only about $180 for the entire season. There are shower houses and water available to refill the RV and dump stations and so on as well. Take a look at the video.

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Again we are in the Mark Twain National Forest on the western end of Missouri this time. This is a beautiful Campground and boondocking is not available in this Campground. It is relatively inexpensive though. I highly recommend this Campground, take a look at the video.

Enjoying boondocking at one of my favorite spots, Walmart. I’ve heard a lot of people saying Walmart boondocking is becoming unavailable Coast to Coast. This is not my experience, as I’ve traveled across much of the USA, Walmart of all places has been the Oasis in the desert for me. Thank you to Walmart.