Watch “Enjoying the RV life while boondocking in Ohio” on YouTube

Tucked away in Southeast Ohio is the AEP Recreation lands, newly-named the Jesse Owens State Park.

At the current time it is free to Camp, here is how you get a free permit

You can camp here up to 21 days free of charge. Permit that I obtained from a bait shop says that it is a lifetime free permit. Every 21 days you simply have to move to another one of their several campgrounds, therefore you could simply Boondock here for quite a long time. This is a great way to enjoy the RV life.

Watch “Mountain Break-Down” on YouTube

While driving through West Virginia on Interstate 64 and traversing Sandstone Mountain, Freedom decides to break down four-fifths the way up the mountain.

Not a great way to enjoy the RV life while boondocking along the way but sometimes you have to make lemonade out of lemons. Here is how I did it. Enjoy the video…

Watch “Be All You Can Be VA” on YouTube

Thoughts on a recent conversation with a fresh veteran of our US military.

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Watch “The Wilds” on YouTube

Free for service-connected and retired veterans. They also have an excellent free PTSD program if you know any veterans whom may benefit from it. If you’re interested in their programs just Google the Wilds in Cumberland Ohio. All contact information is on their website.

I stumbled upon this place while driving to a free boondocking location in Ohio. What a pleasant detour! I love seeing conservation in action. This is an excellent place to visit while enjoying the RV life or van dwelling in the recreation lands nearby.

Freedom Improvement

Finally the VA has chimed in a tiny bit of money. Just enough to make a little Improvement on Freedom to enjoy the RV life.

A big thank you to my friend in Virginia for the boondocking location.

West Virginia I-77 RV Life

On Interstate 77 South in West Virginia just passed Parkersburg there is a rest stop with an RV dump station free of charge.

While overnight parking is not available to enjoy the RV life while boondocking, this is the first dump station I’ve seen available at a rest stop. I thought my RV life friends may want to know this as well. Have a great day!

Watch “Morning Quickie” on YouTube

From my boondocking location in Ohio where I stayed last night. What? Not the kind of quickie you were thinking? You know I couldn’t resist since the video is just 2 minutes. Yeah that qualifies as a quickie, right?

Just enjoying the RV life on the road in Ohio.

Watch “Top Secret Swimming Hole” on YouTube

This is our favorite swimming hole from my childhood. It is top secret because everyone would not be pleased with me if I gave away the location. However I just had to share its beauty with you.

This is an excellent day-use boondocking RV life location.

Back when I was in college everyone used to ask me about Ohio. Like, what’s in Ohio? Well, this is an example of what is in Ohio. My home state is full of beauty just about everywhere you turn, from the shores of Lake Erie to Old Man’s Cave, Hocking Hills, the Ohio River and countless other Scenic locations.